Inside the workshop


My workshop


Art, personally represent my waking dream, that one gets close to the ideal I’m projecting in, diving into my dreams of poesy, love and beauty, into my phantasmagorias, my dazzles, my frenzies. With him and by him, I’m breaking free ang giving him to my impulse, without limits, both time, spaces, technics and dimensions… It’s unplanned, the fancy, where I capture wonderful in the instant… It’s the escape, immersion in another world. I recomposing him here, on this place of luxury, calm and sensual delight… my refuge, my haven of peace… My Robinson’s shack where I’m redoing this world to my suitability… my observatory… my focal spot at the core of a preserved nature, so quiet, so bright, opulent, deliciously fragrant. Bathed in sweet and irradiating light, this is my life, this I my kingdom, my source of inspiration, my happiness at the altered rhythm of the seasons. Pastel or colorful,  tenuous or vibrant, this vibrations had become mines, I am them… Indestructible links woven by love of MOTHER EARTH and lacquerware, teen crush… Here… I compose, cradled, permeated by music, indispensable key opening the door of the mystery of my fantasy…

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